Balkanska Carica

“the passion of courage and the passion of love”


In the ninth decade of the 19th century, the ruler of Montenegro, Prince Nikola I Petrović Njegoš, wrote the romantic-patriotic drama “The Balkan Empress”. The Balkan Empress is a romantic-patriotic drama with love for the homeland.


  • Drama Writer: Nikola I Petrović Njegoš
  • Adaptation: Goran Bjelanović
  • Composer: Miona Cvijović
  • Roles:
    • Danica – Perun’s daughter: Anja Pavićević
    • Stanko Crnojević – Duke of Zeta, younger son of Ivan Bey: Filip Đuretić
    • Ibraim-aga – Emperor Murat’s envoy: Dragiša Simović
    • Ivan-beg Crnojević – Lord of Montenegro and Zeta: Duško Radović
    • Majka – Ivan Bey’s wife: Danica Maksimović
    • Đorđe Crnojević – the heir to the throne: Pavle Ilić
    • Knez Dean – lord of Zeta: Vladimir Cerović
    • Otac Luka – priest: Miro Nikolić
    • Marta – Andrijana Simović
    • Uglješa –  servant Stankov: Vlado Tomović
    • Voice – witness and interpreter of time: Bojana Pejanović
  • Scenography: Darko Musić
  • Costume Design: Anastazija Miranović
  • Stage Movement: Vaha Prelić
  • Choreography: Ivana Cvijović
  • Lector: Dr Dijana Marojević
  • Light Design: Radomir Stamenković
  • Photography: Sergej Zabijako


In Ivan the Lord

In Ivan the Lord


Jealousy is a flower that grows for loneliness
o night bloody as desert ships
neither an uninvited guest nor a wind to come across
to open the door to the world
allow light and petals of words

Girl, do not tie

Don't you dare, lass,
to tie red poenies on a gifted piece
But black lilies
And let the severe vigilance
Of a swarm of wounded horses
Decorate these.
Your beloved one
Cannot hear the cries
on the battlefield this young man flies
glorifying death in which he will not die
the way you will darn
the life in which you do not stay alive.