The starting point and inspiration of artistic project is the philosophical-religious poem Luca microkosm by Petar II Petrovic Njegos, a poem written in 1845. In this poem, the eternal questions that haunt the human being, but also countless works of art from the beginning to today and to the future, are opened: who we are, where we are, why we are, where we come from and where we are going. The timeless, symbolic Soul, guided by the “spark of the divine” on a journey through the cosmic, heavenly and hellish regions, searches for the causes of man’s fall from the purity and perfection of the heavenly fields, his exile to the reality of Earth and the eternal struggle in it between good and evil, between God the creator and Satan. Man became mortal due to his transfer to Satan’s army as a punishment, he suffers and repents of his disobedience to God, but still God breathes into him the Spark of love and the power to distinguish between good and evil.
The project is conceived as a multi-media musical-scenic work in one act that combines elements of contemporary opera, oratorio and choreo drama through five scenes. The libretto will be created on the basis of selected original parts of Luca microcosm, adapted to the instrumental, vocal and dance ensemble. There will be no conventional, logical and well-tailored dramatic stories, because the structure will be based on the irrational flows of the world of dreams. The main character is a “pure soul” who starts from the world of reality, then sinks into a dream and moves into the world of the unknown and the realm of the unconscious.

I must point out that one part of the music is original and the other is inspired by and made of musical motifs of these composers: Caroline Adelaide Shaw Gustave Le Gray No.1 and Michael Gordon Weather.

The author team consisted of:

  • Author of the play – Miona Cvijović
  • Composer and conductor – Miona Cvijović
  • Stage movement – Tamara Vujošević Mandić
  • Costume designer – Jasmina Cvijović
  • Lighting designer – Radomir Stamenković
  • Light master – Vuk Vukčević
  • Tone master – Nikola Dulović
  • Photography – Vladimir Popović


  • Junakinja (Heroine) – Miona Cvijović
  • Bog (God) – Djordje Tatić
  • Satana (Satan) – Nemanja Todorović


  • Piano – Milanka Nikčević
  • I violin – Eleonora Vujović
  • II violin – Dajana Pavićević
  • Viola – Anda Dizdarević
  • Cello – Maja Antić Kalezić


  • Milica Žižić
  • Lorena Janković
  • Olivera Perunović
  • Aleksija Mihailović
  • Emilija Laković

TV crew:

  • Producer – Mitar Miranović
  • I camera – Željko Bracanović
  • II camera – Danilo Papić
  • Editing and color correction – Rade Bulatović.

The sponsor of the project was the Cinematheque of Montenegro.