glavna slika


A novel that honors women, rebels, disobedience and resistance. The author portrays an obstinate, cruel and seemingly devout world full of prejudices in the story of the witch Gila, who ridiculed the government and clergy, treated, nurtured and protected others, primarily women, and who was persecuted by narrow-minded hypocrites because of her different appearance, views and openness. Although the story is set two centuries in the past, it feels uncannily close to today’s issues. The mosaic structure consists of fifty-two photos, as many photos as there are chapters in the book, with the majority of the photos featuring white hair at the beginning that turns darker as Gila’s life progresses. Above all metafiction, intertextuality and manipulating the form, this is a moving tale about the status of women, parenthood, motherhood, injustice and torment.

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